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Establishment Of Takaful

The organization was established in 1998 in the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Khartoum when one student was unable to pay his tuition fees. Some of his fellow colleagues felt the need to help him so they collected money from their fellow colleagues and friends and helped him pay his fees. These students realized how important and how big of an issue this was so they formed a small organization called the “Disadvantaged Family Organization” to help their fellow underprivileged colleagues to pay their registration fees. This small organization grew so that these students in need were provided with monthly sums of money or sponsorships. The organization further expanded and started organizing Iftar in Ramadan and helping with transportation expenses for students to be able to travel back to their homes. The organization became even more developed when it started providing monthly sponsorships for orphans. At this point, the organization had changed its name to Takaful Charitable Society. In 2007, the organization was registered in the Humanitarian Aid Commission and from then on it was officially known as Takaful Charity Organization.

Organization's Message

Establishing the values ​​of goodness among members of society and developing the student's community in particular and some segments of the general community.

Organization's Vision

An active and conscious student community in its role in society

Organization's Projects

Divided Into Two:

Periodical Projects includes (Orphans Sposorshiop - Registration for Underprivileged Students - Medical Treatment )

Seasonal Projects includes ( Ramadan Bag - Eid Joy  - Entertainment Day For Orphans - Feeding Project - Meal Provision


NO. Of Sponserd Orphans
Registaration for Students
Meal Provision
Watering Projects
Ramadan Bag

Administration Hierarchy

It is divided into several departments and offices shown in the following diagram:

What They Said About Us

Partners In Good Partners In Reward